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Colonel Ben E. Caudill Camp #1629

Commander Smith
Email: cherokee@tvscable.com
Commander's Welcome Letter

Colonel Ben E. Caudill Camp #1629

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Ben E. Caudill Camp #1629
Box 1102
Whitesburg, KY 41858

Welcome! My name is Richard Marion Smith and I currently serve as Caudill Camp Commander. My wife of twenty-six years, the former Libby Day, and I reside in Letcher County in an old log house my dad constructed on Rockhouse Creek, near Blackey, upon his return from WWII. I am a member of the Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church and a retired high school art teacher. Part of my time is spent researching family and local Confederate history. I also have special interests in Kentucky’s Revolutionary War veterans, long hunters, and Cherokee history. Another portion of my time, and virtually all of my money, is spent on activities such as painting, blacksmithing, shooting, hand-loading, caring for my dogs, horse, and an old tomcat.

It is my hope that any skill I possess will enable me to better serve as Commander and will be enhanced by the immense pride I take in my direct lineage to six Confederate veterans, collateral kinship with dozens of additional Confederates, and the pride I take in the Caudill Camp. I am proud to be a charter member of this camp, owe an immense debt of gratitude to the Sons of Confederate Veterans for the increased awareness of my ancestors that I have been able to gain through them. So, I would like to encourage anyone who is a descendant of a Confederate soldier to join our camp; or, find another camp with whose members you feel comfortable, and “jine up”.

If asked to name goals I’d like to see the camp achieve during my time as Commander, my response would be: 1) to see the conditions that I think of as “love of the camp” and “unity among members” nurture each other, 2) to witness a continuation of the energy and research that has advanced the “stones set” total beyond the twelve hundred mark, 3) to have the camp continue to enjoy the wonderful community relations that have been fostered by the cooperative attitudes of our re-enactors and cannon crews in meeting the living history needs in the communities we serve, 4) to have the camp continue to enjoy the wonderful family relations that have been fostered by thoughtful interactions with the descendants of Confederate veterans by our researchers, stone setters, and stone dedication participants; 5) to realize that every member has become an effective recruiter, and 6) to have our three former commanders continue to share their experience and wisdom as reliable sources of guidance in all our endeavors.

Again, welcome to our site and feel free to contact me.

Rich Smith
4676 Highway 7 South
Blackey, KY 41804
(606) 653-4789
(606) 634-2413 (cell)
e-mail: cherokee@tvscable.com

*If you are interested in becoming a member honoring your ancestors, please contact us at any of the addresses listed on our site. The Ben Caudill Camp # 1629 is open to any male descendent of a Confederate veteran. If you are unsure of having an ancestor, contact us and we will help you search. We also offer an Associate Membership

First Lieutenant Commander’s Welcome:

My fellow Compatriots, greetings; my name is Clinton Revis. I was born in North Carolina and raised in Kentucky. I graduated from Knott County Central High School in 2011 and continued my education at the Hazard Community Technical College. Although my interest in the Civil War began when I was 13, my love and loyalty for the Confederate stands as firm as ever for my 50 plus relatives who fought in the defense of the Confederate States of America. With pride I’m currently serving as 1st Lieutenant Commander for the Ben Caudill Camp. Since I joined on Nov. 8th, 2011, I’ve been active in Confederate Stone settings, Cemetery preservation, and Civil War Battle Reenactments. As a member of the Ben Caudill Camp 1629, I believe while our camp continues to preserve the history of the Civil War and the men who fought in it. My goals are to maintain our standards for many generations to come, to increase our membership and to encourage others to study the history of our forefathers; and, that will make our Heritage everlasting. Clinton “Cannonball” Revis

2nd LT Commander-Willis Strong,
SGT-AT-ARMS-Wayne Watts
Quartermaster-Quenton Childers

Adjutant's Welcome
From the Desk of Adjutant Brown

My name is Richard G. Brown and I am the Adjutant for the Colonel Benjamin Caudill Camp No. 1629 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I am also an officer of the 5th Kentucky Infantry re-enacting group. Some of my responsibilities as adjutant are to maintain records and correspondences affecting the camp, stay up to date on rules and regulations relating to our camp, issue membership cards and certificates to members, be a liaison between members and National Headquarters, help with the paper work of new members and keep members informed of upcoming events.

For new and old members, I would like to remind them that National membership now runs from August 1 to August 1 of each year with a grace period ending November 1. Membership cost $45.00 ($35.00 National Fees, $10.00 of this is for a filing fee and certificate, and $10.00 State Fees). Our camp does not charge membership dues. We raise money for our camp through fundraisers. If an old member rejoins between August 1 and November 1, he will not have to pay the $5.00 National signing fee. If he rejoins after November 1, he will pay $45.00 instead of $40.00. If a new member joins before August 1, he should keep in mind that he would have to pay to rejoin in this grace period again. National Headquarters does not prorate memberships.

I am very interested in seeing our camp continue to grow and would be glad to help anyone that is interested in joining our organization. I have a lot of genealogy on families in Letcher County and will be glad to share with anyone. Remember, we do this to honor our ancestors that fought and died for a cause that they believed in. Please help us to insure that future generations do not forget the tribulations that our forefathers went through for so many years ago. My email address is beagle46@hotmail.com and my home telephone number is 606-633-0457. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

I Remain Your Obedient Servant,

Adjutant Richard G. Brown
P.O. Box 421
Ermine, Kentucky 41815

Tabby Back

Hi! My name is Tabby Richard Back and I am the son of the late James (Jim) Back and the late Lona Adams Back. I have a wonderful son by the name of Christopher Richard Back. My wife's name is Rosetta Mullins Back. I entered entered the Ben Caudill Camp #1629 under Private William Cody Back, my great grandfather. I have been a jeweler for over thirty years. For the past six years I have owned my own jewelery store in Pound, Virginia. I am an artist and my favorite objects to paint are old school houses or barns. Most of my paintings are done in water color but I do a few in oil. In the 2005 camp election I was selected to be the Ben Caudill Camp Chaplain. My desire is that God will bless my in the coming year to do the best of my ability in honoring my Lord and also myancestors. Rose and Chris and I love participating in Civil War reenactments. I am a member of the 5th Kentucky Infantry, Company F along with my son. My lovely wife is very active with the Ladies Aid Society and accompanies me on all adventures. If I can be of service to you and tell you more of the love of Christ, please contact me. My email address is tabby_rose2002@yahoo.com. May you be blessed this day and know that God can do for you what you can not do for yourself

Tabby Back

Faron Sparkman

email faronsparkman@windstream.net


The Charge

"To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we submit the vindication of the Cause for which we fought; to your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier's good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles he loved and which made him glorious and which you also cherish. Remember, it is your duty to see that the true history of the South is presented to future generations."
General Stephen Dill Lee
Commander General, United Confederate Veterans
New Orleans, Louisiana - 1906

I salute the Confederate Flag with affection, reverence and devotion to the Cause for which it stands

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