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Colonel Ben E. Caudill Camp #1629

The Ben Caudill Camp #1629 is very pleased to announce that the 275-page book, that chronicles the veterans of the 13th Kentucky Cavalry, is finally available. A shipment is expected this week followed by distribution beginning at the Camp meeting on November 21st. The price will be $20, with a generous portion of the proceeds going directly into the Camp’s bank account. For those who cannot attend our meetings, a copy of the book can be obtained directly from the printer at:

Lulu’s price is $17.98 plus $3.99 S&H, bringing the total to $21.97. The Camp will receive $5.06 for each book purchased directly from the printer.
“This long-awaited book contains the entire roster of the 13th Kentucky Cavalry, a Confederate regiment that was made up mostly of men from southeastern Kentucky, complemented with volunteers from Virginia and Tennessee. Many of the regiment’s engagements are described in great detail, including the fateful events that occurred when elements of “Caudill’s Army” rode through Kentucky with the famed general, John Hunt Morgan, on his “Last Raid”. The Ben Caudill Camp No. 1629 is also pleased to share dozens of period and post-war photographs of many of Caudill’s cavalrymen.”

Adjutant Richard Brown writes that the camp has received another shipment of the camp's book, Confederate Kin. If anyone knows of someone wishing to buy a copy, please let them know they are now available. All proceeds from the book go to the camp. Also if anyone needs help writing an article on their ancestor for Confederate Kin II, I would be glad to help them.
16x20 Cavalry Print by Moses Hamblin of the Pvt. E.F. Arthur Camp # 1783. 100% of the prceeds go to the Kentucky Vicksburg monument campaign. All prints are signed and numbered. $40.00 plus 4.10 shipping and handling sent Priority US Mail. Contact Compatriot Les Williamson:

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