Colonel Ben E. Caudill Camp #1629

Annual Membership Notice


Males 12 and older who are descendants (direct or collateral family lines) of an ancestor who served honorably in the armed forces of the Confederate States of America.

Associate Membership in the Colonel Ben Caudill Camp may be granted to members of other camps, organizations, or to males 12 and older who cannot demonstrate Confederate ancestry

Call 1-800-MYSOUTH or request application ONLINE.

Visit the Sons of Confederate Veterans Website for more information

Specify the Colonel Ben Caudill Camp #1629, Hazard, Kentucky in your application.

We can help you to locate your ancestor!


See full unit alpha rosters

Compatriots Tim and Okie Blair


Adams, Terry Gene
Back, Tabby Richard
Balthis, Bobby D.
Bently, Gregory P.
Black, Eugene Ronald, Sr.
Blackburn, Michael Robert
Blair, Okie Ward
Blair, Timothy Wayne
Bowling, Mark Anthony
Brock, Carlos
Brown, Alfred Glenn
Brown, David Allen
Brown, Kansas
Brown, Richard Glenn
Brown, Richard Glenn, Jr.
Brown, Wendell Keith
Cantrell, J. Kenneth
Cantrell, Jack D.
Carmony, David W.
Carroll, Mark Sutherd
Childers, Quenton
Combs, Larry Spencer
Cook, Lawrence
Cornett, Manton Ray
Cox, Michael John
Day, Danny Ray
Day, Danny Ray Jr
Dixon, David
Fields, Thomas Dwayne
Haddix, Randall S.
Hall, Carl Winston
Hall, Hubert
Hall, Hubert
Hall, Ivan
Hawkins, James Anthony
Hays, John Douglas
Hudgens, A. D.
Isaacs, Raymond
Kendrick, Mark
Kincer, Wallace
Kiser, Garland E.
Kiser, James Larry
Osborne, Jim
Osborne, Randall
Riecke, Wilmer Floyd
Seabrook, Lochlainn
Shelby, Tim
Smith, Richard Marion
Sparkman, Faron K.
Stacy, Steven B
Strong, Willis
Trosper, Joe
Van Luven, Michael
Van Luven, Patrick Michael
Watts, Wayne
Whitaker, Leathan
Wright, Roe

Cecil Brown
Cantrell, Harold
Hamilton, James
Hall, Atlas
Honeycutt, Lola Bates
Honorary Member and Real Daughter
Webb, Henry Miles
Wright, Michael
Smith, Jake
Caudill, Greg
Osborne, John C.
Howard, Norbert Clifton
Honorary Member

Henrietta McKinney,
John Peck
John Stewart
Chad Adams
Denver Maggard
Gary Cornett
Tammy Banks
Bobbie Caudill Valentine
Pauline Cantrell
Stan Dalton "General Forrest"
John and Nancy Wright Bays
Nancy Brown
Goshen Hall
H. K. Edgerton
Dan Buckner (General Stonewall Jackson)
Roger Kelly (Butternut)
Carroll Campbell
Namuni Young
Daniel Allen Price
Bill Mackie
Bill Nordan as General JH Morgan
Laura Nordan
Marcus Nordan
Ben Sewell
Rhonda Robertson
Tim Kelly
Kathy Dotson
Jim Ward
Keith Adams
Codell Gibson
Bobby Lewis
Wayne Fleming
Archie Banks
Robert E. Lee III
116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team
"Stonewall Brigade"
149th Infantry Regiment
"Mountain Warriors" - Old 2nd Kentucky, Orphan Bde
Ray Adkins
Les Williamson
Ronnie Bowling
Michael McMeal-3 Dog Night

Members wishing to have their name linked to a email, website or submit a member profile should contact the webmaster

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