Colonel Ben E. Caudill Camp #1629

Chaplains of the Confederacy
Confederate Cross of Gallantry

"My chief concern is to try to be an humble, earnest Christian."
R. E. Lee

Chaplains' Comments

“We poor sinners need to come back from our wanderings to seek pardon through the all-sufficient merits of our Redeemer. And we need to pray earnestly for the power of the Holy Spirit to give us a precious revival in our hearts and among the unconverted.” Robert E. Lee

Welcome to the CHAPLAINS’ CORPS page. The posted lessons are devoted to you, dear reader, as a means of reflection and a way of offering sanctuary from the storms of life. It is our goal to continue posting weekly lessons that perpetuate the glory of God, Country and Honor. We pray to offer lessons regarding our heritage, life lessons to benefit anyone in need, and to generate a renewal of the spirit, as we face the day by day challenges. Our goal is straightforward: to help you reach yours. That objective is eternal salvation and a peace that passeth all understanding. May you find it now! We offer a weekly Prayers of the People, daily devotionals, and offer support within our communities via visiting Senior Citizens, Hospitals and funeral Homes. Our mission is to proclaim Christ in the Camp and offer educational presentations regarding the true history of the War Between the States. That is all we seek, That is all we ask. That is what we demand, for when you know the truth, the truth shall set you free.

I am so humbled to have been selected as the Army of Tennessee Chaplain and shall do all to serve God, Country and Honor. I take up the cross of Christ humbly, while carrying the banner of our ancestors boldly, and promise to serve the cause of religious freedom with every beat of my heart. The very fiber of America is based on worshiping our God and now that those very basic freedoms are under attack, it falls upon our shoulders to hold the torch high into the evening sky and proclaim God’s word throughout the land. We must embrace the sacred principles that we are duty bound to maintain. That is our commission. That is our calling. THAT is our passion.

In this year of our Lord, let us strive to be gentler to those that anger us, more tolerant of those that seem to be intolerable, more loving to those that seem unlovable, and more thoughtful of those that seem thoughtless. Let us remember the hundreds of thousands that offered their lives in the defense of the cause which they embraced during the War Between the States. Let us all take time throughout our busy schedule and earnestly pray for those that are currently offering their lives on the altar of freedom for the cause of freedom. Let us remember one another through prayer and pray unselfishly, as Christ prayed for us.

This year we are offering Prayers of the People would be honored to offer prayer for those needing the touch of the Master's Hand. If you have a need or a situation that you don't wish to mention but want us to pray for, simply ask and we will lift up our voices to a gracious God who knows our heart's desires before we utter the words. Through all our trials and tribulations let us rejoice in that we have a risen Savior, a loving God that so loved us that he offered Himself on a rugged tree for us to have eternal bliss. Those that have stepped through the turbid vale are waiting on the other shore and our reunion will be one of such joy that we cannot even fathom the passion. This year as we reenact, let us walk with the same thoughts of our ancestors, remembering that Christ is in the Camp NOW as He was then. Pray for those who do not wish for us to pray openly and let us be models, as the man of marble demonstrated with his Christ-like character, reflecting upon his words that, "I am nothing but a poor sinner trusting alone in Christ for my salvation." Last, but by far not the least, let us remember our great commission and lead others to our Lord of Lords and King of Kings simply by our example and sharing the Word with others. It is our calling. It is our duty to follow the drum and walk the old path. For what greater joy is there than to know that you have helped another soul reach paradise. Be bold in Christ and humble in spirit, as we stand watch upon the wall, looking towards God alone for guidance. With Sacred Principles to Maintain, I am humbled to serve as The Old General/AOT Chaplain

"We are all in the hands of a kind God, who will do for us what is best, and more than we deserve, we have only to deserve more and do our duty to Him and to ourselves. May we all deserve His mercy, His care, and His protection." General Robert E. Lee


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