PO Box 1803
Hazard, Kentucky 41702
(606) 436-6461
Southeastern Kentucky

Meeting 3rd. Tuesday each Month
at the Blacksmith's Shop, Leatherwood (Cornettsville)
for directions call (606) 378-2981.

members pose before coals and anvil

Headquarters at Leatherwood

Member Curtis Combs working with tools

The purpose of the Southeastern Kentucky Blacksmith's Association (SKBA) is to promote blacksmithing, educate people in the blacksmith trade, and preserve the ancient art and skills of the blacksmith. The association is affiliated with the Artists Blacksmith's Association of North America (ABANA). It is also associated with the Kentucky Corps of Longriflemen. The blacksmiths reenact along side of the Colonel Ben E. Caudill Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans as an ancillary support organization to include ordinance (one can see the cannon in the background and the colors of the Camp flying over the blacksmith headquarters)

SEKBA President Randall Haddix

The president of the SKBA, Randall Haddix, invites anyone interested in the art of blacksmithing to attend one of the meetings of the organization that are normally conducted ath the Hazard Community College Technical Campus in the Welding Shop at 6:00 pm on the third Tuesday of every month. You can reach Randall at PO Box 1803, Hazard Kentucky, 41702. Phone: (606) 436-6461.